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Zooprocess 7.19 released


The new Zooprocess 7.19 version is available for download.

USERS of VERSION 7.16 and 7.17 SHOULD UPDATE. The version 7.18 & 7.19 correct a bug in the metadata that prevented correct use of the "Edit and Modify Metadata" tool. Version 7.18 & 7.19 will automatically correct errors in your projects.

Version 7.18 offered also an improved separation tool which allows to work on grey scale image with outlines instead of the original B&W msk file. This option of the separation tool requires more memory and must be utilised on 64bit Windows 7 computers only.

Version 7.19 main new features (please visit first the version 7.18 page for major improvements lists from previous versions) :

Improvements for UVP5 :

> Plot profile tool improved : compatible with all screen monitor resolution

Improvements for Zooscan users :

> Vignettes are now extracted (by default) along with pid file in the work/sample folder and a "multiples_to_separate" empty subfolder created

> The Separation using vignettes offers to process vignettes copied or moved in "multiples_to_separate" only and thus facilitate the separation.

Refer to ImageJ website for ImageJ installation in Windows SEVEN

Note : INSTALL ONLY ImageJ 1.41o (see below).

On Windows SEVEN, ImageJ should be installed in a directory that the user has permission to write to, such as the user’s home directory, Documents or Desktop. Write permission to the ImageJ directory is required to generate the ImageJ.cfg file (if it is missing), to set the memory limit, to install plugins and macros, to update ImageJ, and to save preferences.

Check Zooprocess manuel to install software !


Download Zooprocess 7.19 macros

Check software compatibility in Zooprocess manual

Download Zooprocess install archive for Windows Xp 32 bits (drivers, ImageJ, Vuescan )

Download Zooprocess install archive for Windows 7 64 bits (also compatible with Windows 8 64 bits) (drivers, ImageJ, Vuescan )

Note : Install Zooscan drivers BEFORE Vuescan ! Do not use Vuescan scanner drivers !

Downloads Zooprocess 7.18 manual for all instruments

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