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Lars Stemmann

Lars Stemmann

Station Zoologique BP 28, 06234 Villefranche sur Mer, France Mail: stemmann@obs-vlfr.fr,


1994-98 PhD in Oceanography, University of PARIS VI. Subject: Dynamics and assessment of marine suspended particles observed by a new video profiler. 1992-93 "Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies" (master equivalent), University of PARIS VI.Subject: Oceanography with a specialisation on marine microbial food web 1990-91 Degree at the University of Lyon- FranceSubject: Population Ecology1988 "Baccalauréat" in science (Lyon- France)

Training Courses

1999 Win NT administrator, Nice, France (one week) 1992 Instrumentation and data analysis in environmental sciences (6 weeks) 1991 Mediterranean Ecosystems (one month), Marine Invertebrate Ecology (one month) and Coral Reef Ecology (2 weeks)

Experiences in Research and Sea Engineering

Since September 2003 assistant professor at the University Paris VI Research Topic: Plankton ecology and biogeochemestry Teaching Topic: Numerical ecology From November 2002 to June 2003, environemental consulting at SAFEGE CETTIS From November 2000 to July 2002, post doctoral Research associate at Texas A&M. Topic: Modelisation of Microbial biocomplexity. 1997, 10 months engineer (University of Paris VI,). 1995-96, 6 months, sea engineer (Océan Polaire). 1995, 8 months sea engineer (CNRS). 1994, 8 months technician (CEA) Skills:- International logistic co-ordination.
-  Work at sea or on ice with CTD-rosette, sediment trap, in-situ pumps, NISKIN bottle, plankton nets, acoustics and core samplers (Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific oceans, Mediterranean sea).
-  Techniques in video, image analysis, counter Coulter, CHN.
-  Scientific computing and data analysis on MatLab, Excel, Statview, Surfer, GMT, and Primer package

Experiences in Education and Internet from 1998, webmaster, current position at the French National Ministry for Education. 1997 Responsible for the organisation of the Young European Reporter Mission in Africa with the Foundation for Education in Environment in Europe. 1994 and 1996 Preparation and participation to the scientific and educational program on Spitzbergen Island with the ANTARCTICA association. 1994 to 1996 Lectures on marine ecology to master degree students from the University of Paris VI


-  Educational proposal writing.
-  Collaboration and funds raising (LEICA, ORSTOM, the French National Council of Youngth and Sport, Alfred Wegener Institut, Sir Alister Hardy Foundation)
-  Field work with scholars, teaching and webmaster (Win NT4, Linux, HTML4, Java, JavaScript, Perl, ASP, MySql, PHP)


French and English (spoken, read and written) German and Swedish (spoken and read)


Award from the French National Ministry of Youth and Sport for a scientific and educational project (1996) Coast guard in the North of France (1988-1993) Scuba-diving, sailing, hiking

Scientific Publications and meetings

Stemmann L, G. Gorsky , J-C. Marty , M. Picheral and J-C. Miquel (in press) Four years study of Large Particles (>0.15 mm) vertical distribution (0-1000 m) in the NW Mediterranean in relation to hydrology, phytoplankton and vertical flux. Deep Sea Res II

Stemmann, L., M. Picheral and G. Gorsky (2001) Diel changes in the vertical distribution of suspended particulate matter in the NW Mediterranean Sea investigated with the Underwater Video Profiler. Deep Sea Res .47(3):507-534

Gorsky, G., M. Picheral & Stemmann, L. (2001) Use of the Underwater Video Profiler for the study of aggregate dynamics in the North Mediterranean. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 50 (1): 121-128

Gorsky, G., L. Stemmann, et al. (1994). Influence de la circulation frontale sur la distribution de la matière particulaire et du zooplancton dans la colonne d’eau. Océanis 20(6): 139-151.

Stemmann, L., 1993. Fluctuations saisonnières de la distribution verticale de la matière en suspension en Mer Ligure. Journal de Recherche Océanographique, 19(3-4): 192-195.

Stemmann, L., M. Picheral and G. Gorsky (2000) The role of the Ligurian Frontal System in limiting the continental inputs of particulate matter in the north-western Mediterranean Sea. European Geophysical Society XXV General Assembly, Nice, France 24-29 april 2000

Stemmann, L., L. Prieur, et al. (1996). Vertical Distribution of Particulate Matter Across an Open Sea Frontal System. 1996 Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Diego, ASLO.

Picheral, M., L. Stemmann, et al. (1996). Optical Profiling System for the Quantitative Study of Marine Snow and Zooplankton Distribution. 1996 Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Diego, ASLO.

Gorsky, G., L. Stemmann , et al. (1995). Zooplankton and marine vertical distribution in the tropical north-eastern Atlantic. First JGOFS International Scientific Symposium., Villefranche sur Mer, France, Science Committee on Oceanic Research.

Gorsky, G., Aldorf, C., Stemmann, L. & M. Picheral. Quantitative assessment of macrozooplankton and marine snow by a new optical technique. ICES 1993.

Gorsky, G., Aldorf, C., Cotta, L., Stemmann, L. and M. Picheral. (1993) Dynamics and assessment of suspended particles in the water column. 4th Int. Symp. Oceanogr. Fisheries, Rhodes isl., April 26-29.

Publications related to education Magazine

Bleu Blanc Vert (magazine distribué dans les lycées européens)
-  Mission DYFAMED : Climate Change, the role of the Mediterranean Sea (June 1995, 2 pages and 1500 exp.).
-  Mission ANTARCITCA : The Arctic, a strange place to save the world (N°=1 in march 1996 , 1 page, 2500 exp.).
-  Mission NIANGA : L’irrigation, solution au développement agricole du Sahel ? (N°=19 January 1998, 8 pages et 4 200 exp.) and Nianga : sustainable irrigated agriculture in developing countries (special issue in June 1997, 1 page, 3600 exp.). Textes pédagogiques de la mission Spitzberg Mission Spitzberg (éditéepar le Centre National pour la Documentation Pédagogique) Internet
-  Rapport de mission Nianga (http://www.ac-grenoble.fr/yre).
-  Journal de bord mission Spitzberg (participation au site http://www.jeanlouisetienne.coml)
-  Site Internet de l’I.U.F.M. de Nice (en cours de réalisation : http://www.iufm.unice.fr)

Télévision Participation à la Série "Planète Blanche" sur la Cinquième (diffusée en 1998), Mission Spitzberg de l’Antarctica

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